CPS Workers on Trial for Cover-Up of Torture/Murder of Gabriel Fernandez

In 2013, I reported about an 8-year old child, Gabriel Fernandez, who was beaten to death by his mother and her boyfriend. California social...


U.S. to Boycott UN Human Rights Council Over Its Perceived Anti-Israel Bias

The U.S. delegation to the United Nations’ Human Rights Council will boycott the group over its perceived anti-Israel bias. The Free Beacon...


More Snowflake Training: CA Elementary School Bans”Tag” on Playground

This may hurts somebody’s feelings, but my kids still play the game of “dodgeball” with their friends (and they LOVE it, by the...


Nonie Darwish: Biblical Values vs. Islamic Values

Nonie Darwish talks to Jamie Glazov about her new book, “Wholly Different:  Why I Chose Biblical Values Over Islamic Values”.